Blewitt is a group born from the meeting of three musicians to share their musical visions. The intent is to make a synthesis between classical music and jazz. The group, composed of Stefano Proietti (piano), Oscar Cherici (electric bass and double bass) and Gian Marco De Nisi (drums), embarks on this new adventure through compositional research, original pieces, and jazz standard arrangements, seeking to fuse traditional pianistic literature with contemporary rhythms, from Neo Soul to Mediterranean ethnic music, from avant-garde music to traditional jazz. The three musicians, each coming from one of the three Conservatories of Lazio (Latina, Frosinone, Rome), develop immediately a musical and human synergy. During the 3 years of collaboration, they exhibit in various festivals and stages of international relevance, such as the International Jazz Day at Auditorium Daniele Paris of Frosinone, the 6° Festival Nazionale dei Conservatori Italiani, the Fara Music Festival (opening the concert of the Mike Moreno Quartet, made up by the prestigious American musicians Aaron Parks, Matt Brewer, and Kendrick Scott), the Sibiu Jazz Festival in Romania (concert at the Thalia Hall), the Auditorium Ennio Morricone (University Tor Vergata in Rome), Emergency (benefit concert at Piazza del Popolo in Rome, where they win the Audience Award), Fly Me to the Moon Festival (tour in various locations around Italy).

Objectives & Projects

The objective we’ve chosen is to bring our music to various international realities. To achieve this goal, we need tangible elements that allow us to compete in the tortuous musical market, in order to build a fan base which interest is around the listening music or artist with a similar sound. Due to the versatility of the group, our music can be interesting for both listeners of classical music, jazz, and progressive rock. For these reasons, we are looking for a prestigious label that wants to publish and distribute our product, which will be associated with an advertising campaign on social media and in a specialized press office. The purpose is to organize tours, to collaborate with established artists, to have considerable numbers on social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, etc.), in order to establish Blewitt as an international brand.



Stefano Proietti was born in Rome on the 13th June of 1993. He approaches piano studies at the age of eight and enters in Conservatory in 2007. He studied with illustrious Maestros as Pierluigi Camicia, Boris Berman, Gilda Buttà, Enrico Pieranunzi, Sullivan Fortner, Danilo Rea, Antonio di Pofi, Francesco Telli and Amedeo Tommasi. He is graduated at the Conservatory Santa Cecilia in Classical Piano (maximum marks – 2015), in Jazz (cum laude, honorable mention and recommendation for publication – 2017) and in Composition (maximum marks – 2021). Moreover, he obtained the High Piano Specialization at the Chigiana Academy in Siena (2016), under the guidance of Maestro Lilya Zilberstein. During the years, he won prestigious international competitions (International Music Competition of Salzburg, Sibiu Jazz Competition) and scholarships (Collective School of Music in New York, Miami Music Festival, Berklee College of Music in Boston). He performed on important stages & festivals (Wiener Saal of Mozarteum in Salzburg, Teatro Ariston in Sanremo, Le Dome in Marseille, Umbria Jazz Festival, Teatro La Fenice in Venice, 67th Festival Puccini, 78th Venice International Film Festival), RAI & Real Time television programmes (Sanremo Young, Ballata per Genova, Festival di Castrocaro, Festival Show). Over time, he had the opportunity to collaborate and play with important artists of the national and international scene, such as: Sting, Chris Botti, Simon Le Bon, Europe, Ted Neeley, John Travolta, Eric Marienthal, Lloyd Spec Turner (grammy nominated and multi-platinum producer of Whitney Houston, Snoop Dogg), Andrea Griminelli, Zucchero, Fabrizio Bosso, Rosario Giuliani, Massimo Ranieri, Gino Paoli, Ron, Riccardo Cocciante, Roberto Vecchioni, Rita Pavone, Enrico Ruggeri, Raf, Umberto Tozzi and Nek.


Electric Bass & Double Bass

Oscar Cherici was born in Rome on 12 October 1993 from an Italian father and a Dutch mother. He enters the world of music thanks to the school choir, a practice that will shape him for 12 years. At the age of 13 he started to study electric bass, and in 2015 he entered the Conservatory Licinio Refice of Frosinone, where he’s chosen among the best students to be part of the Refice Jazz Ensemble. On this occasion, he collaborates with musicians of national relevance such as Luca Aquino e Filiberto Palermini. He graduates in Jazz cum laude in 2019, under the guidance of M° Stefano Pagni. Meanwhile, he studies double bass with M° Gennaro Frezza (Teatro dell’Opera di Roma) and finishes his biotechnology studies (with a strong emphasis on business and marketing) at the ITS-NTV of Rome. He starts to write music at the age of 15, a road that will bring him into the film scoring world. In 2017, thanks to the score for the short movie “No Smoking” by Michelangelo Di Pierro, he won the CinemadaMare Award and the Globe Award Winner Amsterdam Around International Film Festival. Since 2014, he has played regularly in the Lindy Hop (swing for dancers) ambit. Some of the festivals he played in are the ViX – Ljubljana Vintage Exchange and the Godfathers of Swing in Palermo. In 2015, when he’s 21 years old, after intense musical research he recorded No Quarter Trio, his first album of original compositions. He exhibits in various jazz festivals with the “A tribute to Bessie Smith” project, directed by M° Rossana Casale. Additionally, he played on many prominent stages, as the Senato della Repubblica, the Tenuta del Presidente della Repubblica, the Teatro Vespasiano in Rieti, the Monk in Rome and the Casa del Jazz. Among the various professional jobs, he played in the show “Troisi Poeta Massimo”, directed by Stefano Venereuso. Currently, he exhibits on the main roman stages, usually with the Fabiano “Red” Pellini All-Star Quintet, various traditional jazz groups, and Blewitt.



Gian Marco De Nisi was born in Rome on the 3rd May of 1997. He begins the first drums and percussion studies with his father, and in 2015 he is admitted at the Conservatory Ottorino Respighi in Latina, a year earlier than normal due to his talent. In 2020, he graduates in Jazz cum laude, under the guidance of Maestros Fabrizio Sferra, Mauro Zazzarini, Elio Tatti and Umberto Fiorentino. During the academic path, he obtains five scholarships (one for each year) from Lazio Region. Since 2010, he studies with important national and international drummers, such as Steve Gadd, Jojo Mayer, Dave Weckl, John Riley, Steve Smith, Justin Brown, Gavin Harrison, Mike Mangini, Alfredo Golino, Pietro Jodice, Roberto Gatto and Gegè Munari. During his life, he has been several times winner of the Batterika Drumometer Prize (the largest expo festival in central Italy), and he obtained relevant scholarships (Berklee College of Music in Boston). He performed on important stages and festivals of the jazz scene, such as International Tour Zildjian Day (Rome), Academic Hall of the Conservatory S. Cecilia (Rome), Rodi Jazz Festival, Orsara Jazz, Acrobax Project (Rome), Magliano dè Marsi (L'Aquila), Jailbreak (Rome), Academic Hall of the Conservatory O. Respighi (Latina) and Umbria Jazz Clinics. Moreover, he had the opportunity to play with important artists of the national and international scene such as Stefano Sabatini, Eric Turner, Maurizio Urbani, Giorgio Rosciglione, Pino Jodice, Fernando Brusco, Andrea Beneventano and many others. When he was twenty years old, he recorded his first album, titled Rock 'n' Billie Ensemble, where he collaborated with musicians as Mauro Zazzarini, Francesco Licciardi, and Israel Varela.


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